Swablue Travel Soap Sheets

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1 set
10 units random color
15 units random color
20sheet Random 10pcs
20sheet Random 1pc
20sheet Random 2pcs
20sheet Random 3pcs
20sheet Random 4pcs
20sheet Random 5pcs
5 units random color
50sheet Random 10pcs
50sheet Random 1pc
50sheet Random 2pcs
50sheet Random 3pcs
50sheet Random 4pcs
50sheet Random 5pcs
Green tea 20pcs
Green tea 3PCS
Green tea 4PCS
Green tea
Lavender 20pcs
Lavender 3PCS
Lavender 4PCS
Random Color 2pc
Random color 3PCS
Random color 4PCS
Random color 6 PCS
Random Color
Rose 20pcs
Rose 3PCS
Rose 4PCS

CONVENIENT - Whether you're using a public restroom at a gas station or hiking in the mountain, you'd want to be able to wash your hands thoroughly. With the Travel Soap Sheets, you can! The Travel Soap Sheets is designed to allow users to fully wash their hands wherever they go.
NO MESS - No more settling with just wiping your hands or washing it with just water. Soap and clean your hands thoroughly anywhere you go with the Travel Soap Sheets. With each soap sheet enough for 1 handwashing, you don't have to put the used soap back in your pack which may drip out.
SAFE ON SKIN - Hand sanitizers can help eliminate bacteria on your hands, but it can also make your hands dry. The Travel Soap Sheets are gentle on the skin so you can use it without making your skin dry.
MADE FOR TRAVEL - The Travel Soap Sheets come with their own container that fits right in your bag or pocket. Keep them in your purse or even in your car so you have soap to wash your hands with anytime you need!
EASY TO USE - Place soap sheet on your palm, add water, and wash your hands as you normally would. Perfect for business trips, travel, camping, hiking, BBQ or any outdoor activities.
Size: 6cm x 4cm
Container Material: High-quality PP5
Container Color: Random
Package Includes: 1 x Travel Soap Sheets Container (20 sheets per container)

Note: 1set stands for: Lavender + Rose + Green tea





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