Wireless Mini Bluetooth Headset

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Chinese Red
Rose Gold
Local Tyrants Gold

1. Drive: 15mm

2. Impedance: 32 OHM

3. Bluetooth version: Bluetooth v4.1+EDR

4. Bluetooth usage frequency: 2.4GHz

5. Power level: CLASS II

6. Output power: 30mW

7. Bluetooth distance: 10 meters free of obstacles

8. Frequency response: 20-20000hz

9. Operating voltage range: 3.0 v-4.2 V

10. Microphone sensitivity: -42db

11. Equipped with A2DP/AVRCP high quality stereo audio transmission and remote control protocol

12. Powerful noise cancelling circuit (active noise reduction)

13. Switching between Chinese and English (starting with no bluetooth connection, 2 times, and listening to the prompt)

14. Charging time about 1 hour (power indicator charge: red light is light, full of electricity: red light goes out (blue light).

15. Product size: 25MM in diameter. 15 mm wide. 35 mm high

16. The call time is about 4 to 5 hours

17. Music time is about 4 to 5 hours

18. Standby time of about 120 hours

19. The charging time is about 60 minutes

20. Battery capacity 50MAH

21. Charging power supply: DC5V power supply [round hole interface] (computer USB port, mobile phone charger, car charger)

Compatible mobile phones: compatible with android, apple, and symbian, 99% of the phones with bluetooth feature phones


1. Listen to the phone number two, support listening and answering calls,

2. The voice prompt of the cable number, the final return, the all-intelligent Chinese and English voice prompt, the boot, the match, the shutdown of the cell phone power, etc.

3. The battery power of the iphone shows that you can watch the power of the headset at any time without worrying about the power of the headset.

4. A tow connection can connect two mobile phones at the same time;

5. Every time the bluetooth headphone is turned off, the bluetooth headset will automatically connect to the phone when the headset is switched on.

6. Intelligent compatibility: support all mobile phones, tablets, laptops, songs, Q music, movies, etc.

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